Vision and Ethos

 Lighting the Path…..Together: We Learn, We Share, We Pray, We Care with Courage, Trust, Love and Hope. 



Our Mission Statement 

Through the teaching of Jesus Christ and our Christian values, it is our goal to equip each and every child with the skills and tools they need to become successful, respectful and thoughtful citizens in our ever-changing future; to have the confidence, motivation, resilience, ambition and drive to strive for their dreams and to become lifelong learners.

We teach our school values through our selected Christian values of Courage, Trust, Love and Hope. (See our  School Values section)  

SMSC is an integral part of our everyday teaching and learning in our school community. We also follow a programme of study to promote self- confidence, tolerance, understanding and respect. We celebrate individuality and follow a wide curriculum to enable children to flourish.


We celebrate achievement in the following ways


 Achievement Points

Achievement points (APs) are awarded for learning effort and academic achievement and are counted towards the House Points. A tally of points is kept for each child. The number of points leads to a certificate. The names of those awarded Achievement Certificates are recorded in the Achievement Book for all to see.


Certificates Awarded for Achievement Points

Bronze         40

Silver           80

Gold           120

Platinum   160


Workers of the Week

Worker of the Week (WOW) certificates are awarded in Achievement assemblies. These recognise a child’s learning effort and academic achievement in class. The child’s name is published in the weekly newsletter

Outstanding Achievement Certificates

Outstanding Achievement Certificates are awarded termly for excellence in a particular area. These names are recorded in the Achievement Book for all to see.

Sharing of Work

Children are asked to show particularly good work to the headteacher for a Headteacher award.


St Faith’s Crosses

St Faith’s Crosses are nominated by the class teacher for showing qualities and attitude related to the school’s Christian values – We learn, we share, we pray, we care with courage, trust, love and hope.

Individual St Faith’s crosses are awarded in Achievement assemblies and are placed on larger crosses in the school hall. The names of those awarded are put in the weekly newsletter. Those who are awarded 4 St Faith’s crosses in a year are given an enamel House colour badge to wear. 


Table Points

Table points are given by Key Stage 2 teachers for tables that are the quickest, quietest, most efficient and helpful in achieving different tasks. This is to encourage teamwork and team spirit.

House System at St Faith’s

Every child is placed in one of our four Houses. Each House is named after a Bishop of Winchester.   Beaufort House – Red, De Blois House – Blue,

Fox House – Green and Wykeham House – Yellow. Siblings are placed in the same house.

House Points

House Points are separate from Achievement Points. House Points are given to those who display our school values and can be given by any member of staff. House Points do not count towards Achievement Certificates.

Weekly House Cup Competition

Every House Point and every Achievement Point earned by a child is entered into their House Collection Pot in their classroom in the form of a counter. The House Captains count the House counters every Thursday and bring the score to the Headteacher. The House with the highest number of points for the week is awarded the House Cup with the House ribbons in Achievement assembly and an announcement is made in the weekly newsletter. 

Half termly House Cup Competition

The House Points for the half term are totalled up each week and the House with the most points for the half-term are rewarded with a non-uniform day.