Junior Road Safety Officers

Junior Road Safety Officers 2018-2019

Tom and Aarica are our Junior Road Safety Officers for this year.

Time to Shine day in November. 

Junior Road Safety Officers 2017-2018  

Ben is now our Year 6 rep and he has been joined by Aarica who has been selected as the Year 5 rep.  Ben and Aarica are thinking of ways to help the children keep safe on the roads.

Our Junior Road Safety Officers (JRSOs) have an important role within the school.  Maddie and Ben have both attended the annual JRSO conference with Mr Francis, our Chair of Governors.

October 2016

Your Time to Shine Day!

Maddie and Ben had the very good idea to sell High Vis vests before and after school so that children could travel safely in the Winter months.

To promote this we took part in the Hampshire Road Safety campaign “Your time to Shine day”  Everyone wore High Vis clothing throughout the school day to make us more aware of the need to wear bright clothing when the days get darker more quickly.

It was a very successful day! Well done to our JRSO officers!


Spring 2016

Be Safe, Be Seen – This was the theme of the JRSO assembly which was led by George and Maddie. They talked to the whole school about the importance of wearing bright clothes when walking to and from school when it is dark.  They also explained the difference between bright clothing and reflective clothing and demonstrated this by shining a torch on a reflective jacket. They showed a road safety video to emphasise the point.

Reflective Badges – Every child in the school has been given a Be Safe, Be Seen reflective badge to wear on their coat or on their bag.

Reflective badge

Autumn 2015

George and Maddie organised a banner competition to remind people not to park on the zig-zag lines outside the school. Children had to think of a catchy slogan in twelve words. There were some really good entries and the winning one was written by Evie in Year 5.

Please don’t stop here. Remember there’s a school near!

This has now been made into a banner which can be seen outside the school.