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 Consultation re changes to the Admissions Policy for 2019

Proposed Admissions policy Sept. 2019 

23rd November 2017

Dear  Parents

The Governors of St Faith’s C.E. Primary School are proposing to amend the school admission policy effective from September 2019 as a result of direction from the Diocese that all Church schools should give priority to all children who live within the parish. The proposed admissions policy for 2019 is attached. The current policy admissions criteria would remain as now for out of catchment siblings of children who have entered the school prior to September 2019. It would not affect any families in school at the moment.

The consultation schedule is as follows:

Consultation period Monday 20th November 2017 to Friday 15 January 2018

Policy determined by 28 February 2018

Policy published by 15 March 2018

The proposed change is on page 1 of the policy under Admissions Criteria:-

Admission Criteria

  1. Looked after children or children who were previously looked after. (see Definition A)
  2. Children or families who have a serious medical, physical or psychological condition which makes it essential that the child attends the preferred school rather than any other. (Appropriate medical or psychological evidence must be provided in support.) (see Definition B)
  3. Siblings of children living in the area served by the school attending St. Faith’s Church of England (Aided) Primary School, (see Definitions C)
  4. Children living in the area served by the school: (see Definitions D).
  5. Siblings living out of the area served by the school. If your first child has entered the school on or after 1st September 2019.
  6. Children living out of the area served by the school.

This would mean that children living within the parish would have priority over those living outside the parish. The change means that siblings of a first child entering St Faith’s from September 2019 living out of catchment at the time of admission would come below children living in the catchment area in the order of admissions priority.

Hampshire County Council will consult on the admission arrangements for Community and Voluntary Controlled schools with: 

  • All schools within Hampshire’s administrative area 
  • All neighbouring local authorities
  • Any out of county academy, foundation and voluntary aided primary schools within 2 miles of the Hampshire border 
  • Any out of county academy, foundation and voluntary aided secondary schools within 3 miles of the Hampshire border 
  • Parents of children between the ages of 2 and 18
  • The Anglican and Catholic Diocese with schools within Hampshire’s administrative area
  • Any other parties, who in the opinion of the local authority, have an interest in the proposed admission arrangements. 

PRIMARY AIDED SCHOOLS DESIGNATED AS HAVING A RELIGIOUS CHARACTER, having first consulted with their Diocese, will consult with: 

  • Hampshire County Council  
  • Any neighbouring local authority within 2 miles
  • All maintained primary schools within 2 miles
  • Any other Hampshire primary school likely to be affected by the consulting school’s admission arrangements, as agreed by the LA and two schools concerned. 
  • Parents of children between the ages of 2 and 18
  • In addition, the school will publicise the proposal to parents via the school newsletter and on the school website.
  • Comments on the proposed change should be sent to the school admin officer Liz Crump by 15 January 2018.

Yours sincerely

Dawn James and Ed Francis

Head teacher       Chair of Governors

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