Our Vision for the implementation of the new national curriculum at St Faith’s C.E. Primary School

1. To enable children to reach a high standard of literacy and numeracy skills through specific teaching and application of these skills to learning across the curriculum. To ensure staffing has maximum impact and to preserve year group teaching.

2. To allow flexibility of coverage of the prescribed skills and knowledge in the new curriculum enabling ownership for both teachers and children across the school. Topics will be skill led rather than time led.

3. To use all resources; staffing, rooms, people in the community and visits, to extend learning across the curriculum.

4. To plan a fun and exciting curriculum which will enthuse the children and ensure active learning. To ensure that topics, hooks and outcomes are key to the new planning. To create units of work which are memorable.

5. To promote the learning skills of a child at St Faith’s – confidence, good social skills, good communication, risk taking, problem solving, emotional resilience, ability to apply skills to new learning and above all a lifelong love of learning.

6. To promote a sense of community for the children with the school, the parents, the church, the community of St Cross and the wider community.

The reading scheme used in school is based on the Oxford Reading Tree Scheme.  Our phonics teaching is supported by ‘Letters and Sounds’

St Faith’s C.E. Primary School Curriculum

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St Faith’s Progression in writing KS1

St Faith’s Progression in writing KS2

St Faith’s Progression in reading KS1

St Faith’s Progression in reading KS2

St. Faith’s progression in grammar

DT Art curriculum map KS2

Geography Curriculum Map KS1

Geography Curriculum Map KS2

History Geography Curriculum Map KS2

ICT Coding Curriculum Map

ICT Computing Chttp://st-faiths.hants.sch.ukurriculum Map

Mathematics Curriculum Map for KS 1 and 2

Y1 overview for maths

Y2 overview for maths

Y3 overview for maths

Y4 overview for maths

Y5 overview for maths

Y6 overview for maths

Music Curriculum Map Infants
Music Curriculum Map year 3 and 4
Music Curriculum Map year 5 and 6

PE Curriculum Map KS1
PE Curriculum Map KS2

Religious Education 2016-2017

Religious Education 2017-2018

Religious Education 2018-2019