Appeals Deadline


 Local Authority to publish appeals timetable to


 To be confirmed
 a. For a parent to submit an Appeal. At least  20 school days from the parent receiving notice of the refusal of a place at a school.
 b. Notice of the Appeal Hearing. At least  10 school days before the hearing.

c. Appellants (usually the parents) to submit evidence.

Reasonable deadlines must be set.

10 school days


before the Appeal hearing

d. Admission Authority (the school) to submit their


e. The Clerk (the person organising the appeal)

sends Appeal papers to the parents, the panel

and the school.

f. Additional Evidence from the Appellants.

(Sometimes the Appellants wish to provide

additional information after seeing all the


Reasonable deadlines must be set.

10 school days


before the Appeal hearing

g. Decision letters sent to the Appellants. (The

letter that informs the Appellant if their Appeal

has been Upheld or Refused.)


5 school days of the hearing (whenever


h. For applications made in the Normal Admissions

Round Appeals must be heard


40 school days of the deadline for

lodging appeals. (see a. above)

i. For In Year and Late Applications (those that

came in after the deadline and have not been

decided by the offer date) Appeals must be



30 school days of the Appeal being


Admission Appeals:

Must always be heard by a properly-trained, competent, experienced and knowledgeable, independent panel

Have an independent Clerk to the Appeal Panel present, who has a clear understanding and knowledge of the two Codes and can offer Guidance to the Panel